Own It!

In the few interviews I’ve given they always ask what my secret is to getting past the death of our son. I always seem to come up with something brilliant, after the interview is over.

I did use “own it” once though. But what does that look like?

Well, as of yesterday my publicity campaign was over. I knew it was coming. I thought I was ready, but realized pretty quickly I was grieving. I had this wonderful young vibrant woman Katie working for, or really with me. And for twelve weeks we had a common goal. To get the word out about my book.

The article I was hired to do for Woman’s Day, it was a total collaboration between her and I. We were joined at the hip for weeks. I couldn’t have done it without her. As we shared not only grammar repairs but also the emotion that went with looking deeper into my soul than ever before. She was more than a publish the to me, she was my friend and my cheerleader!

For some saying goodbye is ok. But when you’ve had a deep loss as loosing a child, one can very easily fall in the trap of a relapse. (Or realize there’s more healing to do).

So I followed my own advise and I owned it. I realized I was grieving and went and got a carton Ben & Jerrys Cherry Garcia. (Joking).

While tempted to drown my sorrows in ice cream, I didn’t.

Because it’s all how we look at our circumstances. When we understand He will never leave us or forsake us, everything that happens can bring us to a deeper level of relying on Him. It was hard to say goodbye to some really good times in the campaign. But when I realized it was more about Tim, I could dig a little deeper and with a few deep breaths, prayer and trust in Him, I was able to let it go. For if this is all there has been with this book. Than that’s enough.

I also was easy on myself and have taken a few days off. yes, it’s been an amazing twelve weeks, but also pretty busy!

But tomorrow…who knows where God will take me! 

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