How to combat the devil’s lies!

If you had to guess what one of the devil’s tool is…what would you guess?

Ok…its an open book test. I gave it away in the title.

He lies. Ha…I wonder if he can ever tell the truth?

And he doesn’t just lie a little. And he tends to goes to the extreme, to the opposite end of the spectrum verses Gods truth.

Not just…God didn’t create the world in six days…but it took trillions of years. (Debate saved for another time).

So now that we’ve established that. You might say…not me…I can see through his lies. Really?

Without writing a book to explain why….you have. We all have believed lies. If you’ve purchased a food product because it said “wholesome” you’ve believed a lie.

So now that we’ve established you have, what do we do about it?

We combat them. With what?…what dispels a lie?

Glad you asked!

Truth…(bet you didn’t see that coming)!

The problem is we have layers upon layers of programming upon us. There’s a reason why Jesus said “they know not what they do”. And that was 2,000 years ago.

Today there’s no longer anyone in a first-world country that hasn’t watched televsion. (Tell-lies-vision). And the list goes on. Media of all kinds, education, abuses and just sometimes something as simple as an off-hand comment from a friend or family member can affect us for decades.

But again…tho not a book let’s at least try and scratch out a few.

So here’s some homework. Don’t worry…it’s good for you!

This is for you to print out. (Save to your computer and click print, no fancy link).

It is a simple way to start. I’ve allowed more space for the truth as you may need more room if want to use scripture.

For example, I believed that I was ugly. So horribly so that I hated having a picture taken. Little own be on video. The effects: not only was I hyper-critical about myself but others.

As proverbs 11:17 states: “A merciful man does good to his own soul, but the cruel troubles his own flesh”. In other words those that are good to themselves are merciful people.

This does not make a good base for nurturing relationships little own parenting.

It came to a head a few years ago when I had an interview for my book on “Niteline” via Skype in S. Carolina, (who knew there was two tv shows named “Niteline” by the way)?

I had a really hard time watching myself when it aired. So much so, I would only peak around the corner at the show, and then leave the room quickly feeling disgusted with myself. My husband Bill kept telling me it was great and I looked fine, but I wouldn’t believe him. (My hair was in transition from chemically dependent to natural…um…gray…which didn’t help…and the worst thumbnail ever later on YouTube!).

It took me until the third morning before I didn’t feel sick that people could see it. I know…pathetic. (But talk about a stronghold)!

But is that true? Well…my adversaries might want to say “yes”.

But no…no it’s not true. I am a fine looking woman…but why do I believe that now?


Because I have applied this verse to the lie that I was ugly. I was made by a wonderful creator. Why would I question Him as to why I look the way I do.

So when those thoughts come in from the enemy I combat them with scripture to literally send them back to the enemies camp.

It also helped that I am in a google hangout with some amazing people. Who like to video chat…a lot. Especially regarding scripture. The first time I was really scared. What if they didn’t like how I looked? And I confess…what if I didn’t like how they looked?

But through time I got more comfortable with these superb people seeing me…even my dental work when I yawn. God provided these friends to help me get over my fears.

Another verse to combat the lie is that we are not to compare ourselves to others.

“For we don’t dare classify or compare ourselves with some who commend themselves. But in measuring themselves by themselves and comparing themselves to themselves, they lack understanding.”

II Corinthians‬ ‭10:12‬ ‭HCSB‬‬

As this is a major way we think we’re not good enough (or better than). We need to be comfortable with how the creator made us. No more, or no less. Just knowing He loves me is enough.

This sets me free to not only love the person God created, but others freely.

Letting go of the need to criticize is very freeing!

This is just one example.

And I am sure you have some as well. I hope you take this opportunity to dig a little to see what the Father will uncover for you.

Here’s a quick prayer to help you do so:

Father please show me at least two lies that I have believed that have only kept me in bondage to the enemy in ways that I was unaware of.

And how about some extra credit? You can print this one out as well!

I hope I’ve given you some practical ways to combat the lies of the enemy. So healing and freedom can take place.

Would love to hear of things the Father uncovered for you!

Much love,

Emily ❤️<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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