Where do we go when we die?

‘Wow Emily…who are you to say? Why not write about canning peaches for the winter?’.

Ummm…I haven’t canned since Jr high in Home Economics…so I think I’ll stick to topics that interest me.

So….you’ve died then’?

Well, no. (Though I know a few that would like that). I still think I can tackle this as I do know a few that have gone there and come back. And you see I have a new hobby, watching Near Death Experience videos.

Go learn to can peaches Emily’….

Nah…there’s no fun in that. Plus I’ve heard that canning destroys 95% of the nutrients. I’ll stick to life-giving topics.

I won’t site all of the amazing NDEs. (Near Death Experiences). But will try to synopsize them for you.

It seems that everyone will go to heaven. Even when they experience a sort of hell, once they call on the name of Jesus they are immediately with Him.

There is no eternal damnation like we were led to believe.

‘Waaa? I thought you were a bible belting Christian’?

Who says the bible says that people will burn forever? When we look at the Greek it’s obvious hell has been added. In the newer translations they added hell for Gehenna. But this is something I can’t necessarily convince you in a blog post. So here is a playlist with some great things to think about.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not a co-exist type believer. But at the end of the day…EVERYONE will be reconciled with Christ. It’s not that all roads lead to heaven.

Yet, they kind of do. But not in the way the world teaches.

In that we all love sound-bites as our attention spans have drastically shortened with social media…here is a great explanation of Christian Universalism.

But that God so loved the world He will bring all of us to Him. He’s not going to lose to the enemy.

“Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess”. God will win everyone to His son Jesus Christ.

Which means we are all God’s children. Even if we don’t act like it. We are born with His DNA inside of us. Everyone.

‘Does that mean we get to do whatever we want’?

Yes and no. We reap what we sow. (Some religions call this karma) So I understand we will have consequences for our transgressions. But I don’t tell people they need to change their behavior. As we can’t white-knuckle our salvation. Or tell others how to live their lives. And many times we will need to do what we think is right (even if it’s not) in order to reap the consequences.

But thats the good news. That’s how we learn about the need for change. Myself included.

I have learned from watching these testimonies, and those that have studied this out for decades judgement day is not what most think…and are afraid of. It’s a life~review. (Though most believers don’t seem to go through it as we (usually) get refined by fire (trials) while down here).

What’s a life review?

Well, haven’t we heard of the phrase “My life flashed before my eyes”?

But in this process we will feel how we made others feel. So if we have rejected or been hurtful to others we will feel that pain that we caused if unrepentfull, or if we haven’t asked that person for forgiveness.

One story was that a man, while alive had gotten out of his car at a stoplight and punched another driver right in the face.

In his life review he saw the whole situation from the guys perspective he had punched. Felt the fear he felt and the physical pain of getting punched.

In the life-review, we will then naturally (and hopefully) want to repent. They’ll say as painful as it was though, they still felt Christ loving them during the pain they felt.

So even if we feel justified to hurt and or reject others…we will reap this somehow. Here or later.

So….I believe if we learn to love and forgive others it’s best to do it now. Instead of judgement day. Plus we will reap the benefits of loving and forgiving others now which will be ever~so sweet while on earth. And receive this sweetness when we have our life review instead of any pain we’ve caused others.

Assumably no one does anything because they think they are wrong. (Follow link to our modern day prophet..John Crist…not lying he has wisdom plus he cracks me up).

Why do we have to go through all this pain while here?

We go through trials to learn how to have empathy for others…or we will feel the hurt we caused when we go to the other side. This can also be called “refiners fire”. Which the church calls hell. But its actually the way the Father grows us into His image.

In the NDEs I have seen, Jesus never asks anyone if they got everything right theologically. I dont even think religion is as important as we think it is. One Hindu man that died asked Jesus what church or synagogue he needed to attend as he was convicted Jesus was the way. He said Jesus said “It’s not about religion but a relationship with Him”. (Though he left Hinduism when he came back and wrote two books).

The number one component to peoples life-reviews is how well they loved others.

So suffice it to say we will mostly be judged on how well we loved. These NDEs have really taught me it’s all about loving others…and not just those we agree with. Jesus says that was easy.

As we tend to surround ourselves with like-minded individuals so we don’t have to be challenged.

But that’s really not courageous is it? We need to challenge ourselves to love those we might not agree with. After all, we’re going to spend eternity with everyone. Might as well start now.

While there are no NDEs that were identical they all come back changed. They glow with the love of Christ that can not be duplicated any other way.

I have full faith that when my son Tim left this earth he had an amazing experience and loves even more than he did on earth.

A quick story: When Bosco (our beloved pet dachshund) was leaving this earth he was lethargic the whole day. We decided to take him to the emergency vet to have him put down that evening. A few minutes before he died he started talking. I mean he was loud and animated like he had something to say. As I wrapped him in a blanket and carried him to the car we had the best conversation. We were talking about old times and how he’d see Tim soon.

Driving in our car while holding him (Bill, my husband was driving) about 100 yards from our home his head tilted back as his eyes became like glass and his body stilled after he gasped his last breath.

He had died in my arms. I do think Tim came to get him as Tim really loved Bosco as they were very much alike. Which leads me to believe he was talking to Tim those last few moments.

Side note, there are many stories of dogs (and cats) being in heaven. They have been seen playing in a field. Or have testimonies where they will communicate with their owners. One said their pet said to them “It’s not your time”.

Our creator is so loving He has restored ALL things. even our precious pets.

There is also a great amount of stories where loved ones come to get those about to leave here.

One story was rather funny, this woman had died and when she came back she was still in ICU. Now, some might think it’s a little out-there but she could see the spirit world now.

As she lay there she said it was like a parade day and night of angels and souls going back and forth to get their loved ones. I’d like to think both sets of grandparents were there to meet Tim as well.

When a child dies that has not experienced a relatives death, they will have their pet meet them so they feel welcome.

Also…when Tim died it was hard enough, but when I realized he was alone when he took his final breath I was even more upset. After all, I was his mother…I should have been there.

But God in His mercy gave me a vision of 5 angels surrounding him taking him home.

The evening Bosco died, I realized that that was “righted”. I got to be there for Bosco to right what had brought me so much pain.

When we live our lives in a manner to heal at the root, to not be afraid to walk the path towards the trauma, to face our debtors things will have a chance to heal and be “righted”.

These past few years have been eye opening for me as I have been rejected. I believe I had to go through this so I will feel my own sin.

The Father has me on a healing path that no man (or human counselor) can replicate. God could’ve just yelled at me, said I was too hopeless of a case.

Instead what He has done is shown me His true character. Which is more loving than I can even begin to explain or experience till I walk through the veil.

You see I accepted Jesus when I was 9. I heard a TV evangelist say you were going to hell if you didn’t know Jesus.

So I accepted the Lord that night…12 times to make sure.

But basing my walk on just that God would send me to hell if I didn’t believe was not only a lie but set my walk up for failure as I could only believe that God was a God of wrath.

So, I lived with a lot judgement inside of me. Pointing fingers and never really knowing how much God loves us. Little own that He will bring all of us to Him.

Or feeling like I needed to evangelize to everyone I met. Not a good combo. Now I know everyone is my brother or sister. As we truly are ALL God’s children. I could feel the judgement fall off my shoulders when I was given this truth. It was so freeing. I thought of loved ones I wasn’t sure about…now I knew I would see everyone again.

A loving God was foreign to me as my parents were highly critical little own abusive where many men should have been put in jail. One committed suicide when I was 10 because he couldn’t live with the guilt of what he did to me when I was 9.

So, not understanding that I was saved via a lie I raised my children with a lot of condemnation of others that didn’t fit into the mold. And for that I am sorry.

But when God’s love is truly in someone’s soul their heart will change.

Plus what kind of mother would I be if I walked away. Anything less wouldn’t help anyone. That would only substantiate or justify peoples opinions of me. I wont let go of the opportunity to love more than I ever have. As I am a good mother. As an accountable mother is a good one. One that is willing to do what it takes.

If you still hate me, you get to do that. But I would think reconciliation would be the best goal for everyone concerned. Otherwise you too, will have to go through this. And I’d like to make the path easier for you…if I can.

Much love to any of my enemies that will read this. But according to Abe Lincoln: “The way to destroy ones enemies…is to make them your friends”.

If you consider yourself an enemy to me, I ask for your forgiveness.

If you are a friend…I ask for your prayers.

My best,


P.S. Though I have been a a journey to love more…I have never at any time hated any of you. I always enjoyed my time getting to get to know ALL of you. Don’t ever think I have ever thought less of any of you. And miss you all deeply.

But I will not go quietly into the night. I will take every step possible to love you even more.

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