Don’t look….clean ! 

“Mom…I can’t find it”…”don’t look…clean” she shouted from the kitchen.
This did not help me. I needed Barbies left shoe…now. Oh sure I had other pairs but she was wearing a black evening dress. And so naturally she needed her black open toed heals…nothing else would do! And I wanted it to just appear…not work for it!

You see my mother’s theory was that if you were going to spend the energy to look, you might as well clean!

Plus the odds of finding the item by cleaning were greater than looking alone.

And too…the item was probably lost because the room was a mess anyway.

And as a side benefit you get a clean room in the end!

Fast forward…and the other day I couldn’t find my black picture hanging wire to use to complete some signs I was making. The brown rope just wouldn’t work.

And right on cue I could almost hear my mother Phyllis’ voice exclaim “don’t look…clean”.

I laughed to myself as my craft room…as usual needed a good cleaning.

But it got me thinking,

How often would we rather just expect something lost to show up verses taking the time to clean house…I mean our souls.

And how often do we want to look at the other persons sin verses making sure we ourselves have dealt with our own stuff packed in the closet.

In that sin tends to be a symptom of pain we look only at the sin verses looking at ways to clean up our own pain. Bu then are still left with a messy room…or soul.

And so with a prodigal child of any type some of us want it to be simple…with little effort. Oh we might have done things like:

  •  Putting verses on social media that we hope they read.
  •  A few prayers.
  •  Hearing the “train up a child” verse from every well meaning Christian you know, and feel like they will come back on their own. After all, I took them to church a few times.

And before you know it they’re back going to church with you and apologizing for all the pain they caused! (Is it just me that fantasized that)?

Ha…if you really search out those with a success story they of course will tell you they prayed. But rarely is it without some cleaning out and it rarely involves lessons that weren’t learned a long the way.

  1. In case you haven’t noticed that’s the Believers walk.
  2. A continuous string of lessons that involve obedience, repentance…forgiveness…etc.
  3. He will use whatever will take to draw us closer to Himself, including our prodigals.
  4. And so it is worth every effort made.
  5. As our children are worth it!
  6. I know for me…it’s been a definite wake up call.

I already…even though she’s not back yet could write a book on the lessons I’ve learned.

While each healing process looks different for everyone here are some ideas to help you possibly along the way.

  • Generational curses. Yes they are controversial. But imo they are real and worth denouncing. Here’s one that could’ve help you get started.
  • Read a book on methods that have helped others. I list many on this blog post and highly recommend them.
  • Watch a video on success stories. When I needed a dose of hope I enjoyed watching how people left the lifestyle. Here’s one by my friend Angie!

I know it’s all overwhelming. And I am not saying it’s all our fault. But when we work at following Him, He will guide you to those messy areas so you can lighten your load.

Much ❤️ hope and prayers….as I am right in there with you!


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