Westbow Press Author Emily Pittsford is Today’s Honoree for Friday January 22nd, 2016

Today's Honoree is The #1 Blog For Recognizing The Works of Others

EmilyPittsfordLife is never promised and in a blink of an eye, anything can happen. Emily Pittsford’s heart seemed to stop when she found out that her son, Tim, had suddenly passed away. In that moment so much confusion, anticipation, and grief immediately hit. She was at a loss for words.

It was days before the tragic news that Tim had reached out to her explaining that he had witnessed a hit-and-run in the streets of San Francisco, where a woman was killed in a crosswalk. He had chased the car to only get a glimpse of the plate, which he eventually turned into the police.

How was he dead? How could this be? What happens now?

In Pittsford new book “A Most Incredible Witness,” she answers all of those questions. Readers will follow the life of a mother who fights inward battles, yet perseveres knowing that God is using her…

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