Seek First the Kingdom…but what does that look like?

Does it look like what we think of as the steortypical Christian woman who wakes up early, pours herself a cup of coffee (for me herbal tea) and quietly reads Gods word, worships and prays with hope and faith and waits upon the Lord for an answer, before anyone wakes up.

Yes…yes it does. And I hate to say it. I even (admittedly) made light of those perfect Christian woman in my book. I have fought it as sometimes, as I’d rather not do what is expected of me. I do craft shows, and you can ask my frends. I cringe when someone asks me if I can make a cake plate in a different color.  (Not to say we shouldn’t exhibit healthy boundaries as I just don’t have time for special orders right now).

Now does this mean on the mornings I don’t do this God has shunned me the entire day. Of course not. But we can look to Gods word to see what happens when we search out His perfect love each morning.

“Satisfy us in the morning with Your faithful love so that we may shout with joy and be glad all our days.”‭‭ Psalms‬ ‭90:14‬ ‭HCSB

  • It starts our day out on the right foot.
  • It’s giving God our firsts.
  • We are no longer tempted to feel guilty for not coming to the Lord first thing.
  • It helps to get the cobwebs out of the attic.
  • We can see His will for us for the new day.

Can we be creative? Of course. My friend prays out loud on her way to work. And she finds her day is full of Gods providence even when things go awry, it works out in Gods favor.

And to seek first His kingdom is to ask God for His will in everything we do. Not just when big decisions are made, but I’ll even ask what color to paint a piece of furniture. I had a rocking chair that I had painted pale pink. It wasn’t selling. So I asked God what color. I kept hearing “white”. So I painted it white. It sold within 20 minutes at a craft show I did.

And sometimes I don’t listen. He told me not to purchase a package of chocolate chip cookies. Which just proves even gluten free foods are not necessarily a good choice. (Oops).

Do I ask every time…no…I am human. But it’s something I am working on as life sure goes a lot smoother when we continually seek Him.

And maybe, just maybe as we learn to do this we’re not so consumed with the things of the world anyway. As the closer we get to God, to His glory, through His son Yahweh the world dims in comparison.

So is this a practice you have adapted? I’d love to hear about how you seek His kingdom first.

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