Ending at the Beginning

I was a brand new bride and people would ask me what my husband did. I would answer “he substitute teaches and coaches soccer”. Now in 2016, 37 years of marriage I can say “he substitute teaches and coaches soccer”. How do we come full circle?

Simple…because God wastes nothing. My husband had a phenomenal career. Him being a soccer coach landed him a full time teaching job at a school for high risk girls. His experience in doing all the leg work landed him a job as an athletic director. Then he went back to school for his admin degree and became a vice principal. Then he started up his own school for high risk kids in a continuation high school.

But then our son Tim passed away. And he lost his mojo. So we packed up and moved home to San Diego.

Where he’s been busy with our bird feeder and craft show business. And as I like to say: “it’s good to be Bill Pittsford” lifestyle. He golfs and fishes and then golfs again! Sometimes he’ll play poker with ole buddies.

But God is not done with him. The man has talents. And while I hear some people say “I used to do that” meaning they feel because they used to teach bible study they met their quota.

But I don’t think that’s how God works. Paul tells us we are to fight the good fight until the end. Not until we’ve crossed it off the list!

So Bill has been called out of retirement. When he felt led he volunteered at our churches high school to occasionally sub. But when the principal heard he coached soccer his ears perked up and shared with Bill that they were in need of a soccer coach.

This didn’t surprise me. I had had a dream Bill was coaching soccer for a local high school. But of course he had to take some time to pray about this. Did he really want to get back in the game?


Well I am sitting in the schools office while he is in a meeting. And with a stack of pizzas to feed boys at his first meeting.

And so it begins. A new journey. I want to tell these boys how blessed they are. He may look like an average 62 year old man but he is not. They will def be better leaving his program then when they came in.

So I am no longer a principals wife.

But I am honored to have been chosen to be his wife, to have experienced first hand this incredible man.

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