To the Homosexual

First…I love you.

In fact I love you so much I would die for you. (Don’t get any ideas…I am very much protected lol).

But that’s why I am not afraid of sticking my neck out for you.

And I am glad you’re here. And maybe you know my daughter?

She’s an amazing person isn’t she? So I had to have done a few things right.

But am always ready to confess my sins to help in our relationship.

So I pray as you read something in my content will spark in you.

You will see there’s pain inside of you and you will realize you need the Fathers love more than falling into the arms of your partner.

God is waiting with His open arms. You just have turn towards Him and ask for help.

So I have a challenge for you…what about…just for a moment wondering what it would be like to repent?

Much love and blessings to anyone reading this.

Love you,


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