I have felt led to throw my hat in the ring and decided to create a Facebook page for parents like me with children in the gay lifestyle.

So if you’re on Facebook I invite you to come on over and join us. This is so we can encourage each other. Share ideas that have worked.  Receive prayer and let’s face it…a shoulder to cry on at times.

It is called “Hope for Christian Parents of lgbtq Children”. We have chosen to go secret to protect the privacy of our friends in this highly touchy situation.

So if you’re interested please message me on Facebook and I can add you.

I plan on wiriting more blogs and devoting a lot more time as too..I have been physically doing much better after 18 years of chronic fatigue. Praise the Father for sure!

So I hope to see you there or at the very least if this is not your issue prayers for us.

Much love to all,


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  1. Candace says:

    Hi Emily! What a wonderful ministry you are doing for such an important group. I absolutely love the name Under His Rainbow, but I agree with you on leaving it as something people searching could easily find. I hope you had a great day! It’s been 2 days and counting!! I’ll be praying for your group and will definitely send people your way. Thank you for offering this.

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    1. Thank you Candace!
      I am doing ok…It sure isn’t easy…but I keep thinking “I am doing this (giving up sugar for anyone reading this) for God. And for these ladies.
      And I would love to have friends you know come in!


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