The Transgender Agenda Hidden in Plain Sight

If you’ve lived long enough you may wonder what has happened in the last fifty years. When we knew homosexuality and transgenderism was something that was…well…wrong.

In fact now we’re at the point that they’re looked up to. They’ve been put on a pedestal. So how did this happened?

The first commandment is to not have any Gods before thee. And we think, well I don’t have any statues in my home I pray to. Or amulets I rub for good luck. But I don’t think He would have mentioned it first, if it were easy to avoid.

So if I may I’d like to share

I warn you tho…proceed with caution. Because we’re not in Kansas anymore. Because trust me, you won’t find this info on any mainstream ministry.

Anything that comes through the tells-lies-vision. Hollywood. Magazines Music etc. is suspect. The scope is beyond what we can understand.

You may have even heard that the media lies. And thought…ok…maybe? Especially regarding the the political party were apart of.

But when I tell you the media lies about everything…I MEAN EVERYTHING.

So let’s look at just one possible (though extremely large) lie.

C’mon I’ll hold your hand…it’ll only hurt for a little bit.

It started out “innocently enough”. They were cute to dress up as the opposite sex of what we were told they were to begin with.

And we became programmed to dismiss what God warned us about. And the lines between what a man is and what a woman is became blurred.

So I am here to share with you…there may be a good percentage of celebrities that are not what they say they are.

I mean we already know they are a mess, covering the front pages of rag magazines. But there may be a deeper reason as to why they keep falling apart.

So here it goes:

When they tell you they are a woman, they could be a man. And when they say they are a man, they could be a woman.

Well, if you haven’t guessed these are men. You can see a video of other trans beauty queens here.

You see as we want to be like Jesus, they want to be like their god, Baphomet. Half woman, half man. Being a transgender is the highest form of worship to him.


Still reading? Oh good. So…let’s just say before I even try to prove this to you…let’s think about it. (Because the enemy couldn’t have devised a more perfect plan).

What would happen if those boy bands were at least partially girl bands? That would mean as young girls put their posters up on their walls, they were really yearning after women.

While she had crushes on them, she was longing after the same sex.

This would mean that she was being pulled into the sin of homosexuality without even knowing it. Think of the implications. She would start yearning for woman and not know why. Then add any parental issues (like in our case) and you would have a quagmire.

And regarding a young boy that fantasizes about becoming a certain male athlete? Well, he may have been trying to immulate a female without knowing it. Little own lusting after men.

The implications are endless.


But the deeper I go down rabbit holes the more I realize how evil the enemy is. And he has done this precept upon precept. Making us very comfortable with the media.

It was a planned attack coming from every angle possible.

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 2.22.59 PM

Because the enemy wants our children. In more ways than we have time for.

My husband and I have been around them, and some you can spot. But some we had no clue. Depends on how much surgery they’ve had, they’re body type to begin with and how successful the hormone treatments were.

But having said that. There are still things they can’t change. But you can see that in this video.

Here are some examples of what I am talking about:

You can see how surgeries and hormones can create the illusion that they are the opposite sex.

So if I say “non-celebrities” obviously I am going to share some celebrities.

I can’t think of a “woman” that has done more damage to the American family (well, maybe Margaret Sangor) than this person. Wouldn’t it be ironic if she was a man??? But you can see that “she” has large hands, a large head with a square jawline. (She could crack walnuts with it). Her eyes are deep-set and her forehead is slanted instead of flat like a woman’s is.

  1. Bea Arthurs’ photo gave me a 2-fer in that she is dressing as the androgynous figure of the statue of liberty. But notice her last name is a man’s first name.
  2. If I am in a conversation with someone sharing about trannies, I use Angelica Huston as my ‘go-to’ example. And they always say “ahhhh”. You can see her shoulders are straight and a square jawline.
  3. Did you know that “bullock’ means castrated bull? Here you see her in high school with a cleft chin.
  4. Courtney Cox. (No explanation needed). But you can see her shoulders are wider than her hips.

We may say we don’t idolize them, but we have. Did you know that the golden calf the Israelites made, while they feared Moses had perished on the mountain, was actually made to worship God? So an excuse they could’ve made is “but God knows what’s in my heart”. But the heart can be a wicked thing.

And speaking of golden calves. I made this little video to show you I am dead serious about just how bad it is.

Friends this has affected us for generations. It’s not just the newest fad that we’re told about but goes back decades, if not centuries.

But I take God/Yahweh at His word that says we can repent in our generation making a difference in the next one.

Here is a link to pray against generational curses.

Friends we need to be set apart. And NOT be apart of this world. And realize just how much we need to repent from the idol worship we have been apart of.

Much love,


Photo credit: <a href=””>alisonsbackpassage</a&gt; via <a href=”″></a&gt; / <a href=””>CC BY-NC</a>

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Karl says:

    It’s all about bringing down white society’s and pushing soft genocide through liberalism and pc.


    1. Karl,
      I appreciate you taking the time to read my post.

      While it statistically does play out that this affects more of the white community. I would say it might be that the other nations were smarter than us and that’s why it didn’t catch on in say Africa etc.

      Otherwise it might sound like you were saying white people are better than everyone else.

      I’d say we thought our degrees and status made us better human beings. So we knew more than our creator and decided it best not to have children and gain knowledge instead.

      But we gained wisdom only to become fools.

      But yes liberalism is deadly, no doubt!



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