The Transgender Agenda Hidden in Plain Site

If you’ve lived long enough you may wonder what has happened in the last fifty years. When we knew homosexuality and transgenderism were wrong.

In fact now we’re at the point that they’re looked up to. They’ve been put on a pedestal, and we have allowed it. So what happened?

Something about me you need to know. I don’t take much at face value. I’ve tried to appear normal. But then I am denying you the right to know what is going on right in front of us.

Especially for those that come to my blog to receive comfort and information, and a way to heal. I don’t want to keep hidden information just because you might not like it, or me. I need to be more afraid that I have not pleased the Father. As He tells us to expose the lies.

The first commandment is to not have any Gods before thee. And we think, well I don’t have any statues in my home I pray to. Or amulets I rub for good luck. But I don’t think He would have mentioned it first, if it were easy to avoid.

So if I may I’d like to share

I warn you tho…proceed with caution. Because we’re not in Kansas anymore. Because trust me, you won’t find this info on any mainstream ministry.

Anything that comes through the tells-lies-vision. Hollywood. Magazines Music etc is suspect. The scope is beyond what we can understand. But it’s from baphomet.

A devil that is half woman and half man.

You may have even heard that the media lies. And thought…ok…maybe? Especially regarding the the political party were apart of.

But when I tell you the media lies about everything…I MEAN EVERYTHING.

So let’s look at just one possible (though extremely large) lie.

C’mon I’ll hold your hand…it’ll only hurt for a little bit.

There may be a good percentage of celebrities that are not what they say they are.

I mean we already know they are a mess, covering the front pages of rag magazines. But there may be a deeper reason as to why they keep falling apart.

So when they tell you they are a woman, they could be a man. And when they say they are a man, they could be a woman. 

(Or FTM or MTF female to male, and male to female).

You see as we want to be like Jesus, they want to be like their god, Baphomet. Half woman, half man.

Still reading? I hope so. So…let’s just say before I even try to prove this to you…let’s think about it. (Because the enemy couldn’t have deviced a more perfect plan).

What would happen if those boy bands were at least partially girl bands. That would mean as my daughter put they’re posters up on her walls, she was yearning after woman.

While she had crushes on them, she was longing after the same sex.

This would mean that she was sinning in the sin of homosexuality without even knowing it. Think of the implications. She would start yearning for woman and not know why. Then add any parental issues (like in our case) and you would have a quagmire.

And regarding a young boy, that male role model or athelete, a young son fantasizes about becoming? Well, he may have been trying to immulate a female without knowing it.

The implications are endless.
But the deeper I go down rabbit holes the more I realize how evil the enemy is. And he has done this precept upon precept. Making us very comfortable with the media.

A slice of the HISTORY OF MEDIA…in a nutshell

In the 1950s the programs were wholesome family entertainment after all. Seemingly harmless.
But as time marched on that changed. And we kept accepting just a little more. And a little more.

And then saying “well, back when I was growing up we were nothing like they are now”. Doesn’t matter…it was all a lie that we needed to be entertained. And we bought into it.


  • Did the sin in the media create the downfall?
  • Or was the media just a reflection of our society?

I think both. And even deeper it was a planned attack coming from every angle possible. Because every country goes through the same 200 year cycle. Hard to believe there wasn’t a plan that was implemented.

WHY? Is probably what your asking as you read this.

The enemy wants our children. In more ways than we have time for. But if this intrigues you here is a link to a video titled “How to spot a tranny” It explains more than I can say.

My husband and I have been around them, and some you can spot. But some we had no clue. Depends on how much surgery they’ve had, they’re body type to begin with and how successful the hormone treatments were.

But having said that. There are still things they can’t change. But you can see that on the video.

If you were convicted…I would suggest first you may want to repent. Then remove anything in your home of media (yes that means Disney, in fact especially Disney but that’s another blog post) and stop all affiliations with it. Hard? Yes. But this is war friends. They will stop at nothing to take our children. We must be armed in truth to be able to combat the enemy.

We may say we don’t idolize them, but we do. Did you know that the golden calf the Israelites made, while they feared Moses had perished on the mountain, was actually made to worship God? So an excuse they could’ve made is “but God knows what’s in my heart”. But the heart can be a wicked thing.

I take God/Yahweh at His word that says we can repent in our generation making a difference in the next one.

Its all about blessings vs curses. We’ve lost that in the church today where hyper-grace is preached. We need to turn from our wicked ways and turn back to our creator. He knows best.

Here is also a link to pray against generational curses. Some have argued that once we accept Jesus they are automatically gone. Yeah…good luck on that one.

So with that being said I will be praying that you don’t close your eyes and dismiss me as nuts. Which is fine personally …but friends we need to look set apart. And NOT be apart of this world.

Much love,


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8 Comments Add yours

  1. cfservant says:

    Thank you for sharing all of that. I don’t think you are nuts at all, but then the Lord has me addressing many of the same issues as you. We got rid of our TV in 2008 for many of the reasons you mentioned. Sue Love

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sue,
      I think I may put another word in there. But I know to most it is a little…no way out there. So I think you for being brave and commenting…lol. As I took a big risk…more than I can say.

      And I am sorry you are dealing with this as well…def challenging.
      Much love,
      Emily ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. cfservant says:

        Emily, thank you for responding. When God says to tell the truth, we need to obey. He has me speak out on various issues related to Satan’s lies and deceptions, including speaking about the dangers of TV and the news media and all the lies. That is primarily where I identified with what you were sharing. Sue

        Liked by 1 person

  2. AMEN, Emily!! You have said what I’ve been thinking all along- I did not realize the character of Baphomet but that makes perfect sense. Yes the enemy wants our children. So many are duped by the lies fed to them by media. Thanks for your enlightening post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. It definitely was taking a risk approaching such a controversial subject. So it’s nice you took the time to be encouraging….thank you!
      I have felt bad that I didn’t reply but now I have an extra reason to do so.
      In case you’re on Facebook I’ve been led to start a group for moms like us. It’s simply called CHRISTIAN MOMS OF GAY CHILDREN. There’s a blog post on it to explain it if you have any questions.
      Much love!,


  3. Candace says:

    This is fantastic: “tells-lies-vision”!!! I must remember that. We are learning now more than ever how true that really is. I spend far too much time watching tv. It’s something I have to consciously think about to break free from it. Otherwise, I would just stay lost in the escape I too often find in those mindless programs. Thanks for the reminder of how truly harmful that habit can be, Emily!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Candace,
      So glad this gave you something to ponder. I gave it up a few years ago and have never regretted it. It’s nice to have music on, or just enjoy the quiet. Noise can get in the way much too often.

      Much love,


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