Silly Girl, Passover isn’t for Christians…or is it?

So how does a Christian girl walk into a room of 250 strangers, and enjoy a Passover/Seder meal?

I’ve always wanted to do Passover. But where’s a christian girl to go? I don’t know any Jewish people well enough to ask them to be a guest for this. Or can I just go to a temple and sign up?

Without going into 258 rabbit holes…let’s just say I knew I was supposed to do this. And I am not alone.

There are many Christians that are exchanging the holidays that we were taught were Christian, for the ones God tells us to celebrate in His word.

We are wanting to know about His way…The Way.


Along the way I have joined a group of wonderful woman on Facebook that also want to know more. They celebrate the Old Testament while weighing the New Testament against it.

They…like many are treating the Bible as one book.

So…if you’re still reading I’ll share how I did it.

Well…with gusto. As my bff says “I give you credit, you don’t just toy with an idea, you delve right in”. Yeap…that’s me.

So I googled “messianic” in our area. And was happy to see there’s a messianic church very close to us. And sure enough…they had a Seder meal.

I didn’t want to guilt trip Bill my husband into going if he didn’t want to. As this is a serious event. This is basically communion on steroids. But he offered to take me so we went together.

So on Sunday we walked into a large room with over forty round tables with white tablecloths, blue napkins and all the Seder elements in the center.

We sat with welcoming strangers. We learned about them and they learned about us.

How was it you may ask?…awesome as they did a stellar job. But also humbling.

The word Seder means “order” in Hebrew. So the Seder meal is done in a certain order. So it’s like learning a cheerleading routine the first time out on the football field…in front of strangers.

I confess…I like to know things…in advance. But this…was all new territory.

There was part of me that was expecting someone to tap me on the shoulder and say “really?”. What are you doing here? And then part that was just incredibly honored that God chose me to become a…well a Hebrew.  Because that’s what this movement is really about. We are being grafted into something we were taught wasn’t for us, the Hebrew heritage.

So it was time for me to try to do Passover at home. A practice run. With the help of my friends online, Pinterest, YouTube videos I had collected as how to do this.

Lamb…no lamb? Do I paint our doorway red? And where do I get everything? And what day is it?..that’s the subject of hundreds of video…timelines…I need a timeline, grafts and charts.

I wanted to do it the best way I could. (My “A” personality showing through). But I’ve learned no matter what, without a temple we are all winging it.

So after many different theories I settled on Passover being Wednesday.

This made sense to me as I believe Christ/Yashua was sacrificed at the same time the lambs were. But it’s a little off as I also believe the day starts at sunrise. This could change for me as we’re all learning as we go along. But bottom line Passover and Christs death go hand in hand.

And a mentor shared that it’s not the best if the wife runs the show. So Bill said he would be the captain. And narrate the event, along with sharing the story of Passover.

So where to go to get the elements? Well…I don’t like to go out to shop. But my niece had broken her ankle (boo) and was having surgery on Tuesday.  So I knew I was meant to go to be there for her (ha…our family takes up most waiting rooms…but still…it’s what we do) and go to Whole Foods in La Jolla afterwards as it’s only a mile away.

So after I found out she awoke from surgery (Yea) I went over to Whole Foods.

Was so excited when I rounded a corner to find


I was trying to keep it simple though. And truthfully there’s only three things required.

  • Lamb
  • bitter herbs
  • unleavened bread

It’s just the two of us after all. But I still needed a few things. I chose to have lamb. But Bill doesn’t like lamb much so I got him a steak. I got gluten free matzo bread in two flavors. The easiest dessert was macaroons as that’s what our first Seder had. And as you can see…they had some in a canister…perfect!

In case you don’t know you’re supposed to clean out the leaven. (This is actually where the term “spring cleaning” came from). So I got rid of anything that had been leavened. Some throw anything with yeast or a rising agent out. (I chose the simplest route…😉).

And I also cleaned beforehand. Not perfect as next year I will need to start in August. As we work out of our home. (Refurbishing furniture…so I just concentrated on our living area). I got out the steam cleaner and vacuum attachments. And wondered why I didn’t ask our cleaning lady if she could’ve come the day before. (Put that on the list for next year).

A girl in my eighth grade English class brought in these amazing Jewish carrots for an event. And I had saved the recipe, so I had to make them!

I had salad for bitter herbs, along with parsley for the Seder. I found a recipe for Jewish rice on Pinterest.

Who knew all these wonderful things were something I could be apart of. I was a happy new to Torah girl!

Instead of wine or grape juice I made grapefruit juice.

I made a tablescape of the Red Sea. I saw something similar on Pinterest. And well…it had legos. My son loved legos so my heart melted. And I saved them in hopes for his children to play with them. Well…for Passover…my first attempt Tim’s legos were used.


Ok…I didn’t have any Egyptian guys…a pirate stood in…but I have some in my amazon cart for next year. I used a scarf for the water (I did not want to cut it so it looked more like a lake…lol) and scrapbooking paper that looks like sand for the dry land.

I set the table with our best of everything. I set a place for Leanne. I texted her telling her it was Wednesday and there would be a place for her.

I made tags for the wine glasses so we’d all know where to sit…(ha…there was only the two of us…but like I said…this was a practice run). As next year I hope to have more at our table!

On the day of Passover it is a high sabbath. Which means you still don’t work like a normal sabbath/Shabbat, but can cook. So that day was all about preparing this meal. I’ve done every holiday meal, but this was different. I could just feel it. I was now part of the Hebrew women who had prepared the lamb, bitter herbs and unleavened bread and put the blood on the doorpost. As they knew Yahweh was about to deliver them from centuries of bondage.

This was trading in the bunny for the lamb!

I had a red scarf someone had made me. It, with the use of some nails became the blood on our doorpost. (I don’t recommend ever doing it with real blood..obviously).

And then I printed out a Passover cheat sheet and handed it to Bill. And then we started. It was a little awkward as first times are.

You can’t have a history without a first time.


Even our pups were curious as to what was going on.

But all in all it was wonderful. Bill did a great job. I looked upon him and thought about how many things we’ve been through. I wondered what that twenty year old bride would’ve said if someone had told her what was ahead of her.

But here I was looking at this man becoming the leader of our home and was just in awe. I was truly amazed and thankful!

But the best part…I feel that we are making our home ready for our daughter to return. (Though she doesn’t know she’s coming back home one day)

Because Yahweh is serious when He asks us to celebrate His ways….and not the ways of the world. I think He’s making our house clean…especially for her.

I know you might have a ton of questions. Ha…join the club. I can try to answer any you may have. If not…I have friends that can help.

Would love to hear from you,



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  1. Gwen says:

    This is so sweet…I love that your heart is leaning towards the higher call that is placed on our life. You are a beautiful work. Praise be to our amazing Father.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Gwen,
      It’s just such an honor to be one of His…I am honored to apart of His holy feasts.
      Much love,


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