My Woman’s Day Article

During my publicity campaign for my book, someone at Woman’s Day figured out I was attending my daughters seminars.

This is the first seminar we attended in New York. It was young, so only 350 of us, so we all fit on stage. Bill, Leanne and me are in the center, just above the lighted square.

Kind of a man bites dog story… as Christians usually don’t attend gay seminars with up to 1500 self proclaimed lesbians.

And though, there were so many details they ended up having someone one come in to smooth everything out. While there’s some things I’d change, it’s pretty much me!

And here it is!

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  1. Wow… excellent article. Very thought provoking.

    My family of origin is broken and I pray every day it doesn’t take a tragedy to bring us back together. Life is too short to hold onto hate… I like that, it’s so true.

    It’s kind of what inspires me to always treat my husband and kids with kindness every day.

    I grew up around death most of my life working with elderly… I have had several people die in my arms and a few die while holding their hands. Some I cared for and some I truly loved and grieved. I once considered hospice care because it seemed like God had given me so many of these experiences. I don’t know why it’s been like that for me… but it reminds me how fragile life is.

    I’m not perfect but I strive to love others because of my experiences. I never know when is my last or theirs. I’m glad to hear that God is using everything for good and to bring you closer to him. Much love…

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    1. I pray that those broken pieces can be repaired without any tragedies. It’s always our hope!
      I hope others can learn this as well.


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